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Business Grade Telecoms | Business Voice | Business Grade Internet


Smile Tel's feature rich business voice plans provide significant cost savings compared to traditional business phone systems with added features and benefits.

Business Voice Plans

Business Voice plans starting from just $8.80* per user per month.

Free inter office phone calls

Significant call savings

HD quality phone calls

* Additional Cloud PBX Costs per Group will apply


Smile Tel's business grade internet plans provide cost savings compared to traditional service providers while maintaining all features and accessibility.

Business Grade Internet Plans

Smile Tel has a range of cost effective tailored business grade internet plans.


Midband Synchronise


Private Ethernet / WAN

Why Smile Tel?

Free inter office phone calls

Significant call savings compared to traditional phone systems

Easily add additional users as your business grows

HD voice call quality

Feature rich features with Smile Tel Business Voice

Business grade internet at a fraction of the cost.

Reduce your current business phone bills by up to * 80%
Significantly reduce your costs as your business grows 100%
No reduction in call quality with HD voice through Smile Tel Business Voice 100%
Increase your business’ flexibility with change 100%
Significant increase in phone system features without the cost 100%
Access to business grade internet connections without the large cost 100%
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