Business Grade Internet

Many businesses today are using residential broadband services that are dressed up to sound like reliable Business Grade Services. As with most things in business, you do only get what you pay for. Buying something purely on price almost always results in dissatisfaction.

Careful choice of an internet service that matches the needs of your business will result in an extremely powerful value proposition. Smile Tel will expertly evaluate your needs, and our Business Grade Internet service solutions will make or save money for your business.

Smile Tel has a range of cost effective tailored business grade internet plans:


Midband Synchronise


Private Ethernet / WAN

Our Internet Costs

ADSL / ADSL2+ (from) $67.00 / month *
Midband Synchronise (from) $296.00 / month *
Fibre (from) $296.00 / month *
Private Ethernet / WAN Call for quote

What is Midband Synchronise?

This is a high speed copper internet connection that provides the same upload and download speeds.

An example is an internet connection with speeds such as 20 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload.

Smile Tel has internet connections with synchronise upload and download speeds from 4 Mbps up to 10 Gbps.

* All quoted prices are GST inclusive for 36 month plans and do not include installation / setup costs.

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